Thursday, February 1, 2007

Not On The Train, Nov 2, 05

As planned I drove to work today, as I am on half-day leave. I will depart for my hometown for the Eidul Fitri celebration this evening. But what I am going to write now happened on Monday evening and yes it is about the disservice of KTMB yet again. Just imagine I was rushing out of my office late to catch a train to buka puasa with family and had to wait until almost eight to get my ride home. When I got at the Bank Negara station flashing on the electronic notice board an impending arrival of the Seremban train. The time indicated was 6.57pm the time came and went, also the Pelabuhan Klang train. The second timing indicated that the Seremban train would arrive at 7.22pm, I said to myself not too bad. Also, the time came and past still only Pleabuhan Klang came and gone. I beginning to curse KTMB quietly, puasa or no puasa I just could not stand it anymore. What irked me most, as usual, KTMB failed yet again to inform us of the delay. I waited patiently for the next train that was scheduled to arrive at 7.40pm or something like that and this time I already made a decision to board whatever train that came. Fortunately for me the Seremban train decided to show up finally and as anticipated it was packed with commuters going home. Grudgingly I boarded and luckily I somewhat enjoyed observating the many characters either at the start or at the tail end of their journey home for Eidul Fitri. To our amusement a toddler decided that he had enough of the crowd and heat to start crying on top of his lung.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Bathin to all

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