Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb 9, 2006

Today is a big disappointment, full stop. I do not wish to think or talk about it anymore.

Lethargically, I walked out of the office towards the train station. Me demure and the way I carry myself now is telling the rest of the world that I am a very tired man with a bad day. The saving grace is that at least I am a tired and having a bad day man with a full suit on riding a train. At least I am sharp looking .. LOL.

It is either someone’s ringing tone is blaring at the back of the train and being ignored by the owner or the person is playing a music too loud that no body else would want to hear. Either way it could not make my day any worse. I put my music CD on to play old easy listening and I hope I am not bothering anybody. At UKM station three, I presumed, UKM students boarded. Actually I was busy typing and only realized they were in front of me when I heard a commotion. Now I am looking at them and stack of photocopies and few books. The whole book.

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