Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 26, 2006

The train arrived at Bangi on time on the way to work but was held somewhere between Serdang and Mid Valley for quite sometimes that made us arrived late then the usual. As usual as well staying true to themselves, KTMB gave technical problem as the reason. What else could I do I just walked out smiling when we arrived at Bank Negara station. The only commuters that are happy with the delays are the ‘sleepers’. They could sleep a bit longer than the usual. Let’s us try to analyze the ‘KTMB’s technical problem’. Hypothetically let say that the problem is vandalism and someone had stole their coupling or something to make the track useless. Firstly I would imagine it was not the first time and not the only case. I believe the KTMB staff would know the meaning of pattern and know analysis. In the land where the word post mortem is the main tool for management I would gather KTMB has done a lot of these and should be an expert. But then why couldn’t they come out with any good solutions?

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