Monday, February 12, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Feb. 23, 2006

As usual I had my breakfast early at 0630 as Suboh is at 0530 here. We left for the briefing at 5 to 1000 and it was just near by. If I were alone I just walk there but I go along with the high heels.

Before I left KL my wife and her sisters were talking and discussing about pearls and I did not have a clue that KK is famous for that. I did not know how big deal it is, not until we strolled the waterfront and passed the Filipino market last night. Although it was closed I could sense the bazaar would be full of pearls by the conversation I heard among the ladies. We had a bit of daylight after the briefing and the ladies decided to check the pearls and I tagged along just to explore (edisi siasat) for the benefit of my wife. Our host straight away took us to the best and cheapest stall and I was amazed to see the sparkling. Ladies, husbands (some I could see were really agonized by the experience), husbands who were on the phone almost every five minutes calling homes for confirmation and taking last minutes orders and quite a few people like me who just stared in disbelief. I explored the area and bought two Mount Kinabalu t-shirts. Next to Filipino bazaar is the bazaar for dried seafood and I was told I should brought some ikan bilis and udang kering home. One even seriously suggested I bought enough to last a year.

Our host took us to Nelayan Seafood village for dinner. The place is like the new Umbai Ikan Bakar place in Melaka that has a cultural show. The food, hmmmm…., no surprises.

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