Monday, December 17, 2012

On The Train, Dec 1, 2012

This is my first ride to Tg Malim using the new Komuter Train. That’s what I thought anyway ha ha. I boarded the 0700 train at Bangi  and clearly it was signed Tg Malim. Please do not let this fool you ha ha because when I arrived at Rawang I was asked to change to another train at Platform 2. Waiting for me there was the old EMU that I was praying hard would work to take me to Tg Malim he he he. After years of agony commuting on the EMU the feeling is justified.

It was a different ride for me. In a different attire I was joined by a different set of commuters. Stations after stations unfamiliar faces boarded the train and majority of them foreigners. United Nation almost. I was tired and slept a bit late last night. Despite that I was awake and the ride on my usual route seemed faster and once the train passed Bank  Negara station I was on the next phase. I was like transfixed looking outside and enjoying it more. Outside was the visual that I have witnessed before but my frame of mind was totally different. I enjoyed the sense of serendipity.

Indeed, when we arrived at Rawang we were told to move to another train.

We left Rawang at 0900 instead of 0850 as scheduled. The problem is still infrastructure and stacking order of importance.The best part of the journey from Rawang was the speed. The driver really hit the pedal to Tg Malim. The scenery was also different from what I am getting everyday. A lot of different greens

Serendah station 0906. The nice surprise when we arrived at Serendah was when four foldy (folding bike) riders boarded. Boarding with smiles across their faces and carrying their Bromptons in. They told me, I have to ask of course he he, they drove from KL, parked at Serendah station and to start riding back from Kuala Kubu. Cool!

One thing that I realised the stations on this route were almost empty and I wonder whether it is like this during weekdays.

Of course it was not the same Tg Malim station anymore. With the new structure in place the station looks more like a space shuttle station more than anything else.