Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (Missing in Action), May 2, 2006

I think I have not posted anything for two weeks now. Normally if that is the case I must be traveling or outstation. In this case I was not but just merely offline most of the time. My main reason I was concentrating at something else and furthermore I had reached a situation where I was not motivated to observe anymore. So, I figured I took a rest on writing my daily experience instead rewriting my old travelogue.

Today however I felt I could not wait too long and started to write this piece. This morning I was late than usual and caught the 0646 train. Nothing interesting really happened but I realized I had missed something by taking the earlier train now. In the 0646 train there is this young mum with her, I guess, 3-4 year old daughter. They commute everyday to Bank Negara station from, I guess from their conversation, Nilai. Also, I deduced that the mum is working at Maybank and takes her young daughter to a nursery near her work place. I could say that I watched the young girl grew up on the train for three years since I took the train. Her development is interesting and I predicted she would be a very confident outspoken person one day. If one look from a narrow perspective one would instantly pity the mum but if you have gone through a life that I had you’ll know instantly that the mum is actually really educating her daughter. Not only she is cute but talkative as well.

It was raining when we were approaching Kajang on the way home. It had been this way for almost a week now.

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