Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb. 16, 2006

Time really flies, as without really thinking about it we are halfway through Feb already. The sense of speed really got to me as I really have a lot to accomplish this year. I left the office with that thought lingered on my mind bit as a creature of habit I opened up my laptop and began to type. However as we were speeding along nicely toward Seremban a sense of boredom suddenly struck me and I suddenly do not want to continue with what I was writing. In the end I just started on this piece and now still typing while the train is approaching Kajang. The number of commuter is as yesterday, just nice. But I could not see the usual faces anymore. Maybe they have taken the earlier train home as it is Thursday today.

Almost at every discussion forum that I have been to on the Net lately is going back to discussing the basic. Most of them are going back to trying to define what knowledge is, the dichotomy of tacit and explicit knowledge and I hope not KM certification again.

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