Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (Train Community), April 12, 2006

Met another staff who is commuting from UKM on the way home. Actually we bumped into each other as we were walking towards the station. We only managed to talk about BSP a bit when the train came. As usual I moved forward to enter my favorite coach. Somehow my action was so abrupt as if I was trying to run away from him which I was not. I hope he was not offended with that. I did not know what time exactly I boarded the train but I calculated probably around 1914 like that. The train had decent number of people on it where on the average two persons to a cluster of seats. There were two types of clusters – three and four. The first group up to KL Sentral was quiet where majority were contented with their own thoughts. One or two were staring at nothing with an obvious faces of boredom. A group of talkative men came on board at MidValley. This is a normal feature of commuters boarding at the station. Probably the environment at MidValley made them such a way. As usual the commuters getting thinner as we got to Serdang, Kajang, UKM and I say only about 10% going all the way to Seremban

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