Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 21, 2006

I overslept and decided to take the 0712 train to work. This time the train was early by two minutes. It was the older train with the seat reclining a bit awkward for my back. I felt a bit painful when I got down at my station.

There was one train missing from the schedule on the way home. When we got to KL Sentral there were a lot of commuters waiting to board and understandably not all of them could board. I could see few pissed off faces on the platform when they could not board. I know the feeling some of them were obviously cursing KTMB as well. I was expecting to see a lot more pissed off commuters at Mid Valley. I was right and funny enough there was no ‘minta maaf’ from KTMB this time.

Now the train is traveling slowing towards Bandar Tasek Selatan another busy station along this route. Yes, I am expecting more than pissed off faces now. I am not surprised if one of them went berserk. Despite the packed train somehow it is a bit quiet than it used to be. It’s either there aren’t any teenagers on this train or the commuters are so pissed off they became mute. Whatever it is I feel like riding a funeral train now. The weather outside makes it worse with dusk creeping slowly over the window that is scattered with drops of rain. Looking out through it is so depressing and since outside is getting dark the glass became an instant mirror to me. Instead of just being able to see the outside I could see the reflection of the faces on the train. The advantage to me is I do not have to directly stare at them to observe.

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