Friday, September 30, 2011

On The Train, ( A Red Hot Ikan Sardin Day), Sept 30, 2011

If you are not a regular commuter or still not aware Friday evening is a Red Hot Ikan Sardine Day. To the newbies who intent to make Friday evening as their first attempt to ride the commuter you would not survive after the first five minutes and you would probably either;
  1. Pengsan after five minutes
  2. Your first five minutes on the commuter train would also be you last
  3. You will be like me cursing KTMB endlessly
  4. You will hate KTMB forever. Well I am ok with that LOL
  5. You will hate train. Which I do not want you to
So, please avoid Friday evening and you will be doing me a favour as well he he he. 
It is no different today I am in one. I purposely left the office late and boarded the 2034 train, the type of train that I prefer not to board, home and as usual I got a seat. 
At KL Sentral the crowd is still decent but standing room only. 
Alhamdulillah it is also decent at Mid Valley and we can enjoy a nice cool ride home.
A good crowd configuration today as well, not dominated by certain age group or race. Which is one of the important ingredients for a good atmosphere for a nice ride for everyone. I can hear nice chatters around the coach, also the usual indication of a Friday evening ride. Commuters looking forward for their weekend break. Have a nice weekend everyone

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On The Train, I am a mess, Sept 20, 2011

When we landed last Sunday I thought I was my normal self. After I waved goodbye to my colleagues on the bus going back to the office only I realised I was in a mess. What was obvious I was a mess physically due to lack of sleep and the long journey. I realised also I was a mess mentally. It did not come to me like a gust of wind. It just came slowly and you can say in a way subconsciously as well. Especially when I sat alone trying to charge my phone. The thought of the kids I left behind at Ulu Entaih brought home some realities of my own life. The questions kept on popping out :
Have I done the right thing with my own kids?
Have I given more than it should?
Have I set the right standards for them?
Are they what they are supposed to be mentally?
The right values?
Especially Mar, being the youngest I may have gone overboard
All these questions kept bugging me and prayed to Allah that I have done the right things.
To the kids at Ulu Entaih, although the program was a success, I was worried we have set wrong expectation for them. They may just want their easy life and I would have not blame them for that. Clean water, air and wonderful environment. Ninety percent of them may not even have been to the nearest town, Pakan, which is about almost 50 km away. I was assured after awhile by the words I remembered uttered to me by the teachers and their parents at the longhouse. They have the right to be given another opportunity and option. Just like my children we just give our best to prepare them and let them in due time to discover and decide for themselves. After all, I thought, that was how I grew up. 
Still, I was a mess and turned my car towards a no entry zone instead of the obvious on Monday. I think I am ok now. I think :)
The usual crowds tonight and I am expecting a normal ride home as well. KTMB please give me a break today.

Friday, September 16, 2011

On The Train, Sept 15, 2011

A three day weekend and a KTMB mess at Kuang are perfect ingredients for a Friday evening packed solid sardine can that is assumed to be KTMB commuter. Definitely the majority are additional and non regular going home or going to open houses. They should have known to just stay at home and let me go home peacefully LOL. I have got open houses waiting for me to grace tonight as well :). 
The train pushing hard towards Seremban now and we’d just let some people escaped out at Serdang LOL and we have a bit of space to breath now he he he. 
Some more rushed out at Kajang. I am almost there.
Dah la panas ada plak couple buat babak panas dalam train ni hishhhh sa,dul betul. 
Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On The Train, Sept 13, 2011

Something interesting, funny and peculiar happened on the train home yesterday. I’d wanted to write about it straight away yesterday but than decided not to make my blog piece too long so here it is. 
As I was typing yesterday I heard a strange sound coming form the front seat and I thought at first it was from somebody that was sick. The sound was like ‘Fuuuuhahhhhh!’ It was softer when the train was on the move and louder to all of us when the train stopped. For few minutes I just ignored it as I thought if it was not from somebody that was sick it must be from somebody that has screw missing from his head :). After a louder ’Fuuuuuhaaaah’ I looked up a bit and I saw a chinese man two rows ahead of me sleeping and instead of snoring obliviously making that loud strange sound. It was unbelievable and how’s that possible I said to my self. I am not kidding! Man! I thought I have seen everything on the train? Apparently there are more to explore and experience ha ha ha. The colors of Malaysians and Malaysia he he he.
Today I was late again but caught the train after only few minutes waiting. It is a younger group tonight which is good to see. 
I am happy today to read Bro Shabery is taking the lead to cycle and encouraging people to take up cycling to work. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

On The Train, Sept 12, 2011

A gentleman came and sat next to me at the platform. He asked, ‘Train dah lepas ke?’ I knew he was asking about the Seremban train but just to make him realise the inappropriateness of his question I asked him back, ‘ train pergi mana?’ He replied, ‘Seremban’. I wanted to say that this is a commuter service if one train gone there will be of course another one on the way albeit of course for KTMB could be a big question mark as to how soon. But I just kept quietly. Maybe I have been dealing with a lot of Malaysian stupidities over the weekend that is why I am a bit sarcastic today :)
The train arrived at 2026 and it is one of those old train reconverted that the seats only in the middle of the coach and standing only room at both ends. I chose a window seat facing towards the direction of the train traveling. Some commuters I noticed would choose the opposite. It makes no different for just feel like traveling along with the train tonight instead of facing backwards. Over the weekend at my cousin’s Hari Raya One House George her husband remarked to me something like ‘Still getting on the train?’ Smiling I said yes despite all the misadventures on it. Truth be told and I sometimes failed to admit I just love to be on it no matter what. My daily ranting probably is my way of badgering KTMB to improve it services. Probably somebody may say I am wasting my literary words but then again we must believe LOL. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

On The Train, Sept 9, 2011

I am inside a Friday evening sardine can now. And this particular one is pretty stuffy even for an ikan sardin. The only good thing now this can is flying towards Bangi and at least I am comforted by the possibility of getting home in time to visit my cousin. Forget about cycling tonight and tomorrow as well. Another ‘stuffing your face’ weekend ahead of us. Some family members are coming over as well. 
A good mix of commuters inside the train and some look like they are also going to visit their friends or families tonight. A good mix in all sense of the word. A good mix of races, age group and gender. Almost there now and we are making good time. See you all next week.