Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 18, 2006

The train service in the morning has been a bit heretic this week. Today I arrived at the same time the train arrived at the station at 0640 and the train waited for more than 10 minutes. There was a short storm last night and I am not sure whether that had created havoc to their system. Another usual excuse for KTMB. Due to this the train was already packed when we were at UKM and worse at Kajang. So today not only I saw sleepy faces going to work but sour faces as well. No, I am not suggesting most of them were cursing KTMB but certainly deep down a number of them just did that. Who cold blame them when yet again no notice or announcement was given to alert them of the situation. I was also fed up when we waited at Bangi station. I guess KTMB would never learn or immune to this kind of learning. The failure for many of us, especially today, is the lack of the capacity to learn. To top it off there are also tremendous amount of unlearning for us to do and the continuous thirst for learning is crucial for continued improvement and sometimes survival. As anticipated it was a sardine can when we reached Serdang. I have learnt recently the opportunity to learn is almost everywhere for us. The fact that learning could happen in various shape and in different environment really interest me. The long list of learning pedagogy includes meeting, chatting, story telling, skit, discussion, and I have no doubt even TT sessions. The kind of technology at our disposal now makes the situation even more interesting. I am sure blogging, SMS, wiki and egroups are addition to that long list.

LOL …only when we reached KL Sentral the train driver made the announcement of the cause of the delay. Swell! After a bundle of swearing and way too late for me.

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