Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb, 17, 2006

As expected the train is packed with commuters and people are squeezing and pushing against one another. You could imagine the smell all of us are producing now. It would certainly make a day for any perfume company. The good thing these commuters are happy and noisy lots so nobody is really complaining. Not like last week where I was in a coach full of zombies and depressed faces.

Today one of my staff in the office came into my office to deliver something and mentioned in deadpan mood that he is taking a week one. I was caught by surprise as another colleague of his is already taking a four- day leave and I was alarmed initially. Then without missing a beat he continued saying that he wanted to go to Labu Sendayan to meminag the recently janda kaya. I burst out laughing like mad and that was the finale for my week and set me in a very good mood for this weekend. The janda kaya is a big story now as recently the Labu Sendayan folks are getting their monies in a tune of almost RM 1million each and one of them is a divorcee. I sincerely hope these people will learn from the past lessons of almost the same community who received almost the similar payment. Opportunists are abundance out there trying to cash in on these poor and sometimes ignorant people.

I realize something when I was looking around the coach just now. I can see few groups of people are busy talking among themselves and one group actually so animated and engrossed that somehow creates something different. Could it be because it is Friday evening? But what got me to thinking is to find out what would happen if we put our office colleagues in the same environment. Or any other groups for that matter..

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