Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 8, 2006

I purposely didn’t take the pain killer last night as I thought I did not need it. The result I woke up in pain. I struggled to the bathroom and took a longer time to do my things. I made a second mistake by allowing my stubbornness to prevail and drove to the station. When I got down from the Ranger the degree of pain increased. I was still stubborn enough to ignore it and paid the price when excruciatingly had to endure the 45 minutes train ride to work. At the office after a while trying to manage works I went to see the doctor and she ordered me home. Now I am excruciatingly enduring the painful train ride home. To ease the pain a bit I started writing this.I guess I have to slow down a bit and the analogy of looking out of a fast moving train is still very true to me. If you are not careful you would not be able to grasp the big picture. Worse still you could break something.

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