Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (The Research), April 13, 2006

As soon as I entered the gate at the station the Seremban train came approaching at a faster speed than it used to. The time was approximately 1922. I was walking quickly trying to make to my favored coach. I barely squeezed in the last door to the coach. Just like yesterday the average passenger is two per cluster. At KL Sentral about the same number that were already on the train boarded. While the doors were closing I over heard an announcement made regarding technical problem on certain lines. I was not sure which line.

Overall, the male female composition is almost equal today. The age group majority is around late 20’s. Where as the racial composition is 60% Malay, 30% Chinese and 10% Indian. The composition remains the same at MidValley. At least only 2% are reading books, newspapers or magazines. About 1% talking to each other and the rest just sat thinking of something or nothing. I do not see anybody sleeping yet.

Today a lot of commuters disembarked at Bandar Tasik Selatan but only 6 people came on board. At UKM now the average is 1 to a cluster.

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