Monday, October 13, 2008

My Bukit Galing Camp

Ever since I got back from the East Coast trip Bukit Galing Camp lingers in my mind. There always something to trigger my thought to go back down the memory lane. While I was reading, on the train – especially while on the train, working and online. I visited my old friend Zaha while in Kuantan and we talked about old times and trying hard to remember and trace everyone. All this while we just rely on other people’s tales about our friends but never really serious in trying to locate everyone and do sort of reunion among us. .I know with this kind of thing I could not wait for somebody to start or do it I know I have to make the first move. Maybe I’ll start a Bukit Galing Camp alumni group in Facebook and announce to the whole world. I had already subscribed to a search on Bukit Galing Camp in the blogsphere and managed to be alerted on two bloggers who used to stay there. I am in communication with one currently who actually had the experience living in the old wooden barracks. You cannot believe how nostalgic I was in my communication with the person.


nuar said...

Bkt Galing Camp alumini.. why not. Perhaps we can get generations of ex Galing Camp to join... from the 70's..80's..I'm sure Ah chong, mi kucing, lan katak and the rest are somewhere out there waiting for someone to start the ball rolling.

Ghaz said...

Let's do it Nuar