Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On The Train, Jul 6, 2006

I was on holiday of sort from writing my usual On The Train piece. Partly because I seems to experience mental block when I was on board looking at the same characters everyday. To make it worse KTMB had been it‘s usual incompetent self. Also I am still writing my last Cuti Cuti Malaysia 4 travelogue

Ever since my last Dr appointment I have been going home a bit early than before. Early means I have to join the crowd and most of the time the train was packed like today. Of course KTMB make it worse by cancelling the express Seremban. Being early also meant that whenever we got to Kajang the coaches will be filled by noisy Indian school children going home to Bangi. I mean just like any children they just could not stop talking, louder that the sound of the train. Just imagine like sitting in a can with full of them ha ha ha

Being a world cup season you get more sleepy heads on the train now. Both on the morning and on the way homes I could see commuters, especially men, were taking their nap and in one occasion one almost had and accident because he almost drop on the floor sleeping. The guy was actually sitting just next to me in the next cluster. I knew a lot of people wanted to laugh but managed to refrain themselves. Honestly I was laughing hard inside. So the final would be boring Italy against old French. Oh you know, that I am jealous and a sore loser? LOL my world cup ended a week earlier with the lost of Brazil. But I love to see Zidane gets the big one for one last time.

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