Monday, December 17, 2012

On The Train, Dec 1, 2012

This is my first ride to Tg Malim using the new Komuter Train. That’s what I thought anyway ha ha. I boarded the 0700 train at Bangi  and clearly it was signed Tg Malim. Please do not let this fool you ha ha because when I arrived at Rawang I was asked to change to another train at Platform 2. Waiting for me there was the old EMU that I was praying hard would work to take me to Tg Malim he he he. After years of agony commuting on the EMU the feeling is justified.

It was a different ride for me. In a different attire I was joined by a different set of commuters. Stations after stations unfamiliar faces boarded the train and majority of them foreigners. United Nation almost. I was tired and slept a bit late last night. Despite that I was awake and the ride on my usual route seemed faster and once the train passed Bank  Negara station I was on the next phase. I was like transfixed looking outside and enjoying it more. Outside was the visual that I have witnessed before but my frame of mind was totally different. I enjoyed the sense of serendipity.

Indeed, when we arrived at Rawang we were told to move to another train.

We left Rawang at 0900 instead of 0850 as scheduled. The problem is still infrastructure and stacking order of importance.The best part of the journey from Rawang was the speed. The driver really hit the pedal to Tg Malim. The scenery was also different from what I am getting everyday. A lot of different greens

Serendah station 0906. The nice surprise when we arrived at Serendah was when four foldy (folding bike) riders boarded. Boarding with smiles across their faces and carrying their Bromptons in. They told me, I have to ask of course he he, they drove from KL, parked at Serendah station and to start riding back from Kuala Kubu. Cool!

One thing that I realised the stations on this route were almost empty and I wonder whether it is like this during weekdays.

Of course it was not the same Tg Malim station anymore. With the new structure in place the station looks more like a space shuttle station more than anything else. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On The Train, Now 27, 2012

It has been a while, yes. Been updating mostly through my FB and neglecting this blog.

The train has improved tremendously but not the service. As I suspected early on the old infrastructure KTMB is using would continue to be the culprit. This week alone we have been left ‘waiting’ for right of way due to technical failures. Well it is good if you want to nap longer but frustration for the office workers trying to get to their offices early or on time.

I am back to the late night train ride home which is fine for comfort but not good for my life.  I need to change that.

Yesterday I received a letter from our HR informing me that last Nov 1, 2012 I have reached my tenth year in my current organisation. Which means an amazing ten years of the good, the bad and the ugly of commuting on the train already. How many more years? Three? Four? Five? Only Allah knows. The reality is that I have a Doctorate in Riding a Komuter Train already. My book on this will be on sale in 2017.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On The Train (Dreaming of a Cycling Adventure), June 11, 2012

Last two weeks we were in Kuantan and on the way back I purposely took the road less traveled by going through Tg Lumpur on route 138, turning left on route 3 to Pekan, cutting inside at Pekan on route 82 that took us along the mighty Pahang River on our right to Segamat down south on route 12. While driving I felt the urge to really travel like we used to in Malaysia again. I was dreaming of driving around Malaysia again but this time from Bangi up north to Padang Besar along the west coat, across the west east highway to Kelantan, down all the way to Desaru Johor, going across to Tg Piai and back up to Bangi. 
We stopped at Segamat for our late lunch of asam pedas. Then taking route 23 to Tangkak. Ever since Nilai 3 sprung up to be what it it today he have not been to Tangkak for awhile. Still I was surprised to find it as busy as before. We inched slowly out of Tangkak, entered E2 going north to only get out at Jasin. From there we drove slowly up to Umbai to meet up with the rest of my children for our night of ikan bakar feast. 
While browsing at Popular Book store at Kuantan Bejaya Mall I chanced upon a book written by Sandra Loh, Pedalling Aroung the Peninsula, of her cycling experience around the Peninsular Malaysia with her friend Mak. I finished reading it over the weekend. In fact I read her blog about it as well. My traveling bugs went overtime on me and I could not stopped from thinking about it. Now apart from driving around Malaysia for the third time I am contemplating of touring Malaysia on my bicycle as well. Instead of touring from one end to the other I am actually thinking and planning to do it state by state. Actually really touring each state inside out after one another. Well, maybe I have to do it over certain duration and not in one go.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Train (Not yet, still waiting....), May 30, 2012

The Malay proverb says, ‘Ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang rupanya hujan di tengah hari.’ Loosely translated as, ‘I thought it is going to be a sunny day but it rains at noon.’ Meaning, I thought the good thing will last for quiet awhile but it just hit me in the face. 
Yes! I am talking about KTMB Komuter train services. The last two mornings we were back to old trains and now due to, yes, technical problem the service on the Seremban line is delayed. 
You could guess that I am in a sardine can now, albeit a new spanking one.

Monday, May 28, 2012

On The Train (It is a pleasure...), May 28, 2012

It is a pleasure going to work as well as home now. Whatever timing I choose I most probably will get to board the six-car myKomuter train now. The good surprise happened last week going to work where at 0632 the six-car train showed up at the station. I thought initially it was just for the day. A one time deal but it keeps showing up each day after that so much so I concluded it is to stay. Alhamdulillah. 
You bet less complaint from me? Well, there is always something to complain about LOL. This is what expected and soon the new normal for KTMB. They need imrpove a lot more. At least I could witness less of stress on the train now. With Ramadhan approaching it is a blessing for us. 
Being the school holidays I can hear children chatters and parents scolding them to keep still he he he. Although most got to stand still they are doing it smiling now. Well if they are not tired that is :). 
I better stop praising KTMB too much for now for fear of them getting over their heads LOL. I just hope the other new trains show up from China.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On The New Spanking 6-car Train, Apr 18, 2012

I guess I was already expecting the worst when an announcement come on air to say ‘ Tren yang dijadualkan berlepas dari Rawang pada pukul 6.50 petang telah dibatalkan’. As usual I went to the surau first. As soon as I was on the platform as usual I booted up my laptop to do a bit of work and conscious of the fact that even the train coming form Rawang was running late. As if something was holding it up somewhere. Announcement after announcement indicating the current location of the train confirmed my assessment. I continued to concentrate on what I was doing. Eventually the train came at about 8.35pm and we departed smoothly. I keep on at my laptop until we reached Salak Selatan when the train stopped dead and I knew we were in for a waiting. Same issue as before, power supply problem and today we had to wait for almost half an hour before the train powered up. While waiting the lights even went off couple of times and I heard cursing from almost everywhere on the the train. 
My fear that the train will stop again after Kajang materialised. Luckily we did not have to wait long this time. Once and for all they have to get to the bottom of this. If not it will be the same story with the next shipment. No use of having 40 new trains if they are going to suddenly stop mid journey.

Friday, April 13, 2012

On The Train, April 13, 2012

This is my first piece this year. Oh no I have not stopped complaining about KTMB Komuter services as I nowadays more or less do it live via by FB he he he. Despite the new 6-car MyCommuter services has been just ok. Nothing to shout about really. The faces are happier now. Nevertheless KTMB has a lot to do still. Now Ia m in the old one - packed and hot with the aircon barely working. I am late because I waited out the rain at the office today. It was really heavy and I sincerely thought I had to wait longer.
Not only this tin ikan sardin is hot and stuffy, it moves like a snail as well. The Rawang - Sg Gadut line was also problematic today. SInce morning all I heard announcement after announcement pronouncing delays. Ok it is time to bring the new tracks from China! LOL

Now our train is being asked to wait so that the Express train can pass us.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

On The Chaotic Train, Feb 2, 2012

Another chaotic ikan sardin day on the train going home today. Inconsiderate Malaysians abundance dispelling certain hope of culture change. As soon as the train arrived at KL Sentral most on the platform forced themselves in blocking those disembarking. Hot tempered voices were naturally heard form both ends of the coach KTMB should get it done with the testing of the six-car train and deploy them quickly. It is getting worse before it gets any better. Yeah, maybe it seems good for me as I have something to write about but looking around me this it is stupid and stupidity at its best.  If not for my family I’d opted for a late train home.
An indian lady is talking to her boy friend, I think, on the phone next to me and I could hear everything. It is not hindustani movie kind of conversation it is about the train service, commuting to work, promotion and difficulty of securing a loan to buy a car. Well, the bank is trying to ensure affordability. A Malay lady standing in front of me is fanning herself frantically which I benefitted as well. The train is getting hotter now and Serdang came with a reprieve anticipating a lot will disembark. 
Only a slight relieve and Kajang station we wait. 
About half of the commuters disembarked at Kajang and being replaced by noisy school children going back to Bangi.
Well, a day in the life of Ghaz and Bond on the train :)