Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On The Train, July 24, 2006

Someone asked me when and where my next Cuti Cuti Malaysia 5 is. Well, I have few options but I am not sure whether there is going to be one already for 2006. Looking at my other action items for the rest of the year it looks unlikely. But as always you’ll never know as at the end of the year I have got to finish my leaves and opportunities could present it self. As I said in my last major posting I’d love to do the south again, albeit this time going ‘budget’. My initial plan is to drive early down to Segamat via Gemas for the sake of my wife and sleep for a night at Gunong Ledang. The next day we would drive across to Muar for the lovely asam pedas and proceed to Batu Pahat along the coast to stay a night there. BP is big enough town worth checking out for a night. Furthermore I have a lot of friends there. The third day we will drive down as far as Tg Piai just to look for any new development there. The same day we will back track to JB via Pontian Kecil, Pekan Nanas to JB to stay a night day. The next day we would be driving east to Mersing to stay another night or two and come back via Jemaluang, Kluang, Ayer Itam and the Plus highway.It would be another six days trip but only covering one state. Of course I have an option of going further to Rompin and come back via Muadzam Shah, Bahau, and Kuala Pilah. Or I could do the whole thing the other way round. As always stopping at several interesting places along the way is expected. How many days is that?

I am in the mood to write my daily commute on the train again. However, apart from one or two exception, the thing that I would be writing would remain the same. The first indication came when we were at approaching Serdang when the whole coach heard one Chinese man talking to his handphone so loud that I just could not resist laughing. Some people just couldn’t careless or simply oblivious of what they are doing.

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