Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 13, 2006

I was waiting at the station for about ten minutes when an announcement came on the air to say that there was a disruption of service on Rawang Seremban line. I braced for the worst and decided to wait. My wait was actually not that long as just about after ten more minutes of waiting the train came. I was relieved both at the arriving train also partly relieved because now I begun to trust KTMB to keep me updated on their service. I just hope this was not another one off from KTMB especially now when almost everyday the weather created some uncertainty to the service. The weather really is unpredictable now, when you are expecting sunshine you will have a thunderstorm that created havoc to everyone. How do you explain a flood happening in an area that suppose to be safe or a sudden thunderstorm that uprooted several trees that have been in existence for more than ten years. God’s might indeed but human fallacies contributed to most of our calamities. Now, the state government of Selangor is preparing a budget of a whopping RM350 million to rectify the flooded area where we only need to spend marginal had we did the right thing in the first place.

Probably there indeed was a ‘disruption’ in the service as the train continued to ‘eat’ in commuters at every stations now. Most of them are long distance commuters no doubt. There were three girls boarded at MidValley and I overheard them talking about their SPM results. They seem happy about it that indicate a possible good result on their part. I could never assume the same for boys as no matter what their results are they’ll still be happy..LOL.

After Kajang I put on Ronan Keating’s If Tomorrow Never Comes and started to sing along softly.

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