Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On The Train, Jun 14, 2006

I was a zombie walking towards Bangi station and all because of the Brazil vs Crotia game early this morning. As predicted I slept all the way through to KL Sentral. However, before I went ‘under’ I saw the mother and daughter that I used to write about today just remained only the mother. I saw it yesterday so I thought it was just one special day. Today I guess confirmed that we would not be seeing the cute girl with her mother every morning anymore. Probably she grew up or her parents decided to get a maid or something.

I got down at KL Sentral today because I was going to our PJ office for training. Once at KL Sentral I had to do something with my zombieness and decided a cup of coffee would do it. While walking trying to decide one where to go I realized that I forgot so many things today and one of them was I forgot to put on my belt. Let’ blame Brazil for it. After much effort I decided the second level medan selera. My choice was actually for a reason that I did not know until I was paying for my coffee. Across me walking was my old colleague from my old work place. So we had breakfast together and got to catch up on each other. At that moment also I got to know about the bad new development on Bursa and SC. Pity for library profession and community in Malaysia. On the bright side however it would mean a bigger opportunity for us. While talking I kept looking at the monitor above in front of me that was showing the KTM intercity train schedule. Once again the travel bugs hit me and I knew then I have to do it sooner then later.

I boarded the Putra LRT at around 0800. It is always a different feeling riding on anything other then the KTM Komuter.

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