Friday, October 12, 2007

On The Train (Balik Kampong), Oct 11, 2007

Of course since the first day of Ramadhan the earlier trains going home would be packed with commuters rushing home for ifttar. But for the last few days the train is packed with huge luggage along side with their, temporary resident of the city of Kuala Lumpur, owners are beginning to go home in droves to their respective kampong for the Eidul Fitri. Today is no exception and worse but I enjoying the moment. In the old days at the time like this people would be chasing and climbing buses and trains to go home but today we have other options but still we are chasing and almost climbing to get ride home. Now I am squeezed within the crowd just with limited room to open my laptop and type. Just like a feeling of staying in a small crowded flat in London or in an outhouse during the old kampong days. :)

Since I was in school I just love to send people off balik kampong until the very end you were the only one left behind. I did not mind as it gave me some kind of satisfaction to see my friends off for their holidays. I do not know but I just love doing that and at times with no better things to do, seriously, then I used just sit around bus stands and trains stations just to see people them with their excitement and sometimes sadness to go separate ways with the love ones. Hey! Wait! There is nothing wrong with me ok! :). I guess I just love to observe things happening around me. In fact my dear wife once mentioned to me she probably had seen me at certain bus stand even before we went to college and met LOL. Love you Yang.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On The Train (Where is this heading now?), Oct 9, 2007

I am facing another change and uncertainty now. No matter best you do the waiting still persist and until it is decided things can go either way. I need to bring clarity to the team now. Maybe what I need to do is to go back to basic and answer these following questions.

What is knowledge-based organization?
What is a knowledge worker?
What is a learning person or engaged learner?

In capacity building not only you to ensure certain subject capability or expertise reside in the organization but also you have to provide the best environment, processes and structure for us to be all the three.

Another thing is that I just could not get the thought of the All Blacks failing at another world cup out of my mind.

On The Train (Good and Bad News), Oct 5, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On The Train (Lamenting), Oct 1, 2007

Today is 19th Ramadan and I am on the 1830 train going home. Yes, no doubt I am going to be late again but what else is new. Worse things happened to me before and I survived but things could be eating inside of me in bits and pieces that I did not realize. As anybody could deduce these bits and pieces could snowball in the future. Another bit hit me today no matter how best I can manage it, it will grow. I am getting tired of trying to explain the same thing again and again to the same people. Worse is that I know that I would not be stopping anytime soon. I guess I just have to make it happen and prove and show to them what it is all about. I am relax and managing this to the best of my ability. The train ride and writing have been my main outlet to talk about it. Given a choice the easy way out is just to drop everything and remain anonymous but what is that for a career. Another possibility is drop and get out but being a consultant is not fun as well. So the best thing to do is to prod on, persevere and pray hard than one filthy rich dying dude would name you as his sole benefactor LOL. That’ll be the day LOL. Seriously though, thinking about it now it is not that bad. Be honest in what you do and they will come, InshaAllah.

Lesson learned: Do not assume what you have told somebody would be a permanent resident of his memory. Sell, sell and sell; back it up, back it up and back it up.