Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train Jan 24, 2006

The train was late again and I think KTMB has to really seriously buck up. This is really inconsiderate of them. Apologising for being late all the time is not acceptable anymore. I pity the commuters who were going to be late again and some of them may have been late three times this month. I cannot help but eaves dropping on some of the conversation at the station and most of them were pissed off.

I am sitting at McD ‘having breakfast’ now watching commuters practically running to make their connections. This is one reason why I said KTMB is so inconsiderate now. I just could not understand, regardless if they have real problem or not, how KTMB would not able to find solution for this. They should know better to take care of their customers. They have learnt their lessons

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