Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 20, 2006

I rushed out of the office late and barely caught the 1846 train. I rushed out because it is Baqir’s birthday today and I am thinking of taking the family out for dinner. I do not know yet where to take them bur Baqir already SMSed me his preference. As usual I am going to wait until the very last minute.

It is the usual Friday evening and the train is packed with people. I am sitting next to two chatty teenagers and they are having fun talking. They reminded me of my younger happy go lucky days. Friday was always the best day for us where everything suddenly about our behaviour changed. We would be noisy, extra happy, mischievous and brave. I include brave because we were willing to do anything on Friday evening. On Friday evening we would play with more vigor on the field and fancy footwork would be on show We would not really care about going early to dinner and almost always entered the dining hall when everyone almost finish. Friday night would be along night for us after the usual weekly movie show. We spent our Friday night messing around until early in the morning when we actually just crashed where ever we were at that point in time. Now, that is just a nice memory and observing the young kids today they are no different. Their behaviour and attitude come Friday are just the same like we were. The only different are the toys and things that they doing. The chatty teenagers are still very chatty and in their elements but I have to disembark now

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