Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Train (I am ashamed to be a Malaysian today), Mar 17, 2011

Something happened on the train to work today.

When we arrived at the UKM station an African couple came on board. I presumed they were married judging from the way they handled themselves. They were quite a young couple. The husband sat next to me and his wife in front of me. Immediately when the wife sat down she saw somebody that came on board together with them dropped something. Being a good samaritan as she was, when the wife saw that she got up form her seat picked the thing, whatever been dropped, and walked to the end of the coach to return the thing back to the owner. What was shameful thing about some of us Malaysian is that not only we are not as civic minded as her. The moment she left her seat to return the thing those standing close by started to run trying to beat each other for her seat. I just stared at them and I could guess what’s coming next. True enough the African lady came back to claim her seat by saying to the lady who was occupying her seat now that she was sitting on hers. I do not know whether the lady was playing dumb of honestly did not realize the situation. The African lady kept on trying to explain to her. Seeing this and trying to avoid a situation her husband got up and vacated his seat for her. I was angry and very ashamed of the incidence. We Malaysians are really sorry lots. I dreaded the day when what happen in Japan now would happen here.