Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb. 10, 2006

It is a solid sardine can now. I really am wondering the reason. When I walked down the station just now I was expecting the worst when I saw the big crowd waiting. Not like this morning again! I somehow lucky to squeeze a seat at KL station.

This morning it was one of the worst experiences that I ever had on the KTMB Komuter service. I caught the 637am train at Bangi and started my reading immediately. After Kajang as I was reading I started to doze off as I was still tired of yesterday’s event. But just as I was about to enter never never land I could feel the train is slowing down and eventually stopped. It was somewhere between Kajang and Serdang outside of course still very dark. After five minutes waiting the driver came on air to announce that in front of us there was and express train stranded and he said we were back tracking to Kajang to wait. Initially I was glad as I thought I could sleep a bit longer but then I just could not and the aircon was getting colder. The train was still not moving towards any direction. So we were stranded waiting there indefinitely. I read my book again but the cold really got to me and I was shivering. It was getting so unbearable for me by the minutes. The girl sitting next to me actually gave up the seat to walk about to warm herself up. In the end after almost one hour the train moved and I was praying for it to go on its maximum speed. I continued to read and somehow managed to ignore the cold subsequently. I never was so glad when we finally reached Bank Negara station and immediately jumped out. I got to my office at almost 9 am.

Amazingly it was still sardine can when we got to Bandar Tasek Selatan. Only at Kajang the train was a bit pleasant and only now I am seeing relief on the faces of the commuters. My station is next.

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