Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Plane, Mar 7, 2006

I checked out after breakfast from Puteri Pan Pac JB for the briefing. The briefing went well and so did my back. I was a bit happy that I could walk a bit better. Nevertheless, someone commented that I ‘jalan senget’ (walked sideways) and I knew I was ‘a bit better’ was actually my illusion. The plan for the evening session was for me to finish by 1630 hours so that I could catch my plane home. On the way to the airport the back pain improved to certain degree as I managed to sit better. But, just as I arrived and started to walk to check in the unbearable pain cameback. I immediately went into the MAS Lounge to rest and honestly my back felt a bit better after that until I arrived home safely. The short flight helped but I think MAS should be not bothered with that kind of small route. They should just left that sector to Airasia. I said this because the amount of time and money that they have to spend. I pity their flight attendants they had to serve and clear the mess within half an hour as fast as the plane traveling.

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