Sunday, February 4, 2007

KM Europe 05 (now known as KCC Europe, CC stands for Collaboration and Content)

In general this year’s KM Europe (now known as KCC Europe, CC stands for Collaboration and Content respectively) is a bit disappointing to me. As usual I am expecting the thought leaders to be there to hear new thinking in KM. Although the agenda indicated that they would not be there still I was expecting something new from the others. The structure of the conference also was changed and useful to participants who want to learn from other KM experiences. The takeaways:

  • Most of the KM experiences shared are almost similar to what we have gone through. Comparatively, in general we are ahead compared to some and not too far behind with others.
  • Soft tools and techniques like narrative, storytelling, taxonomy, CoPs, and social networks are still valid and important.
  • We are doing the right thing with taxonomy that is to enhance knowledge visibility.
    New technologies expected to play more prominent role are portals, wikis, blogs, tags (technorati) and RSS.
  • Complexity is well accepted as real where human being is a pattern-processing creature. We process and decide based on patterns
  • In a complex environment we cannot teach and change people but to create and environment to change
  • Order is good value for knowledge management but some chaos is good for organizational learning
  • KM and Organizational Learning (OL) are complements, not substitute

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