Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the Train, Oct 31, 2005

The train is almost empty and quiet this morning. To think about it this is something I secretly love. There is something in its emptiness, so quiet minus the usual hassle and bustle of city life. A pleasant moment if you want to think. A pleasant moment if you want to doze off as well. LOL. The effect was nostalgic to me and I could help myself from thinking about the old days. As we came into the KL Sentral the atmosphere was so obvious except for a few ‘leftovers’ like me. KLlites are going home for the Deepavali and Hari Raya celebrations. It was not as bad as few years ago when we were celebrating back-to-back Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. KL then was really empty. That’s what major celebration would do to a city like KL. For us this is the time to be with our family members and no matter how strong you are come the big day you will be lonely and homesick if you were alone. It is a pity some of my friends who are overseas now. All my life I had celebrated three Hari Raya alone away from the family. Twice during my school days in boarding school, once when it was too far and costly for me to go home and the following year because I was seating for my MCE which was immediately after Hari Raya, just like my son now. The third occasion when I was studying in US. What held me together and in one piece during those times were the friendship of my friends and the community. Friends and community do play an important role in our life and no body can deny that. Heck! It is important for knowledge management now. It is not that it’s not has been but only now the realization of its importance in knowledge management.

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