Monday, February 5, 2007

Cuti Cuti Malaysia 3: To The North Again, Melaka-Kulim-Alor Setar-Penang-Ipoh-Tapah Road, Dec 22-30, 2008

‘What! We are going up North again this year?’ That was my reaction when I was told that we had to go to a wedding on my intended first day of my vacation this year. What the heck might as well make the best out of it. The best it was certainly not but adventurous it certainly was.

Dec 22. 20005 (Thursday), Melaka

Well our vacation started in Melaka, at least for me, my wife and my little girl Mar. In the evening we pushed straight away towards Melaka after I came back from my office work. I was on a half day leave and the plan was to go down to Melaka for a night for my presentation and come back on Friday to pick up the rest of the kids before we depart for Kulim. As Melaka is our favourite destination getting there was a breeze for me. We got there quite early then expected and straight away we checked in into Equatorial. When we entered the room it was a bit disappointment. The room was not a reflection of the name of the hotel and I know I won’t stay there again unless it was paid for like this time. My staying there was at the courtesy of MARDI as they have invited me to give a speech on KM at their Senior Management Conference at MITC Air Keroh. Because of the condition of the room we did not stay long inside and after I said my prayer we left to play tourist. We walked towards the a’Farmosa and finally into the Melaka Parade to do a little bit of shopping. Since it was already at the tail end of the school holidays there weren’t many people in the Mall. Around Maghrib we walked back to the hotel and along the way stopped to have a light dinner. Light dinner because all of us somehow were not that really hungry.

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