Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 28, 2006

It was raining quite hard when I left the office. It did not matter to me as my timing was perfect today. The train arrived as I entered the station.

A young couple with a baby boarded at MidValley and the baby was chubby just like Baqir used to be. Of course now he is 14 year-old fat boy. It was not so much of Baqir that I was thinking about but more of the years that have gone by. Along is going to be 18 in July and has his own plan already. As a father now I have to let go bit by bit. By nature all parents would want to keep their children at home or at least closer to home. Today you just can’t do that and you need that your guidance so far would guide them to what they want to be. Academically I do not expect too much from my children as I have no confident in our education system to make a learner out of my children. My wish is for all of them to be doing their own things. Businessman, business woman, writer, painter or even fashion designer

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