Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 17, 2006

On the way to work I did not hear KTMB ‘minta maaf’ although the 0631 train came at 0636. I guess in their book that is acceptable or maybe they do not want to ‘minta maaf’ anymore LOL. What ever it is I was early today and arrived at the office around 0738 which was what I intended to achieve as I have a very early meeting. While on the train I remembered my plan to go all the way to Rawang just to observe. The urge to do it was strong but I just could not commit to it. I am really interested to observe and experience the ride among commuters going to work on the other side of KL.

Oh my god! I thought I could smell durian on the train. It must be somebody from MidValley. Luckily the smell is not so strong if not I am not surprise if someone fainted in this packed train. We are approaching Bandar Tasek Selatan now and I am expecting more crowd. Yup, I am right the number of people boarding are more than the ones alighting. Just now I overhear a gentleman confidently telling somebody over the phone that he would arrive at Kajang in 15 minutes. That was when we were approaching Salak Selatan. Either the person is buying times or he is newbie on this train. Even if the train is not as packed as we are now I do not thing w could get to Kajang in 15 minutes. If we were on KLIA express that is possible. I am expecting to be home around 2200 now. A group of girls were talking a bit too loud just now and in my days taking this Komuter train today is the first time actually I witness somebody ‘shhhhhing’ somebody to tone it down. I am amazed. The ‘nosiy’ grils unload themselves at Bandar Salak Selatan and now it is quieter. Probably the ‘sleepers’ that were annoyed just now.

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