Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb 7, 2006

I left the office slightly before 7pm as I was a bit tired and boarded the 7.05pm train. In the train now not many people but just like yesterday I see a lot of ‘why am I on this train’ faces. Soon enough some of these faces became sleeping beauties and some are focusing at nothing. I’d love to pick their brain to know exactly what they are thinking as they seem like they are being forced to take the train. I pity them and lucky KTMB to have these people at their mercy. I am a bit piss off with somebody today. That somebody actually kicked me out of something that I co-created and co-owned. That is in a way to describe how in vain some so called KM practitioners in Malaysia are. I really couldn’t care less what they do and think as I am doing what I love doing now at my current organization. If it is a measure of success, we are receiving guests almost every week now to learn from our experience.

Are you reading what I am writing? That is the question that I wish I could ask the girl sitting next to me as it is so obvious she is. If she is reading this, now, even better maybe she would answer me. LOL

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