Saturday, February 3, 2007

On the Train, Nov 21, 2005

I felt sick when I got up this morning and the thought of not going to work crossed my mind. I just sat at the edge of my bed thinking should I walk across to the bath room or not. After a while I decided not to disappoint my KMO colleagues. The train ride to work was a none event for me because I went into a deep sleep through out the journey. Probably a big event for everyone else sitting close to me due to my snoring…LOL. I don’t really know whether I snore or not on the train but I was sick enough to do so. In the end I didn’t last long in the office. After consulting our doctor I felt worse and decided to go home and rest. The weather was gloomy the whole day and it didn’t help me. For once the train was punctual and again I slept my way home. However, the lesson of the day for me was nothing to do with my state of health but knowing that sense-making methodology is not that difficult to understand.

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