Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train, May 29, 2006

I was expecting the train station to be less people this morning. I was a bit surprised it was not probably everyone was expecting the same and turned up a bit early. Everyone got a seat in fact our choice of favourite seats. The other day we were hypothesizing that there are more and more people taking the train now. Today the reality sunk on me when we got to Kajang. As early as the 0630 train from Bangi hardly anybody got a seat at when we arrived at Kajang. And that during the school holidays – I must have been sleeping all this while LOL.

It was the usual crowd composition on the train on the way home with a slight difference in terms of age group. Today the majority of the age group was around 20-23 years old. As expected you got to experience a different atmosphere. The lingo, style, and subject are totally different than I am used to daily. In a way it made the rain a bit livelier – of course if you could stand the constant ringing of different tunes of mobile phones.

I arrived at Bangi around 2120 and only one or two commuters left waiting for their rides home. Apart from them are the usual ‘teksi sapu’ waiting for clients. Apparently they make a good living making several short runs transporting people around the area. My wife was still far away and I had to wait a bit longer and as I was waiting the abang guard came to start his night shift at the station. As soon as he arrived he was welcome by his ‘children’ – about five cats and three kittens greeted him excitedly. I knew from past experience that he took care of them and the cats became a feature at the station. When he arrived the ‘teksi sapu’ men started to joke with him saying that ‘dangdut’ dah sampai. I did not know what it was they meant until the ‘abang guard’ switch on his night companion, his trusted old radio blaring out hidustani songs. I smiled and knew then what that dangdut was all about.

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