Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 22, 2006

I managed to take the 0631 train this morning and I immediately continued reading Naked Conversation. The book so far continued with premise that blogging is a form of conversation. All the examples given are from the commercial conversation between businesses or corporation with their stakeholders aka customers. Beginning with the examples from Microsoft to the owner of Dallas Maverick. All of them depicted that it is a natural thing to do as an extension to marketing or public relation. Well not all of them are successful but the authors are bullish about what blog could do for corporation. Not only because it is is natural but it is claimed as necessity for moving forward making corporations human to their customers. To get an idea how big it is now Technorati is searching about 31.1 million blogs worldwide. One good tool for stakeholder relationship management. I used Technorati few times and I am intrigue with the kind of things that I could pull out from various blogs. Apart from work related blogs my other favourite is travelogue. What I like about some of these blogs they are personal and very passionate. I tried searching KTMB and train in Malaysia recently and managed to get a few including my own. The one I like best was a guy that somehow was forced to take the train from Wakaf Baru and discovered an interesting phenomenon. He saw people on the train slowly became an interesting community. I have never thought about it this way before and I agree with him. Being 12 hours on the train force people to talk to one another and community of sort formed naturally. He was at buffet car sharing a table with four other guys and they started to chat. Everyone, an architect, software developer, army officer and office worker learn from each other quickly. Something that is difficult to happen in different setting. In KM terms a social network form naturally and the environment natured the formation. Come to think of it is another good source for social research.

At Bangi the usual commuters boarded but what interesting was in front of me a woman, I guess around late 40’s, was reading Harry Potter. A lady who happened to be from the same organization as myself was doing Soduku. By the look at it she was very passionate about it, complete with eraser in her hand. I somehow dozed off just before reaching Serdang.

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