Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 14, 2006

It was only another 15 minutes or so towards the end of our training session when the sky opened up and came pouring complete with thunders. I knew instantly that I was going to have ‘interesting’ time waiting at our training centre in PJ for the rain to ‘calm’ down. My wait was longer than expected as the thunder and rain persisted for almost an hour. Finally when I saw there was a window of opportunity for me I decided to walk down towards the KFC. I was still not sure of my final plan but getting down to the KFC was my initial moved toward a strategic direction. Standing in front of the KFC I surveyed my options and found out that the bus stand was quite far away and if I took that option I would certainly be drenched. As I was surveying I saw a taxi approaching and flagged it down. I still harbored the plan to go to State (PJ) but the driver told me he was going to KL and the traffic to PJ was bad. Equally it was bad to KL via the highway he suggested to take the Damansara route that I agreed in the end. I have not hat good conversation with taxi driver for quite sometimes now and was glad to do so. I always thought driving a town cab is cool and I almost did it once. Almost because my dear wife was against it, but I knew I would make a very good taxi driver. We talked about the taxi services in general and specifically the service in Kajang as he told me he was from Taman Teknologi Kajang. He moved his 'operation' to KL as the users in Kajang were so picky. He also told me in KL he could make a decent net income around RM130 daily. I was also told that now they could send passengers to the KLIA and Melaka. Soon could pick up passengers at the new Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airport annex. We decided the best station to drop me was the KL Station as for me I knew KL Sentral would be full with commuters already and him it would be easier to turn back to KL. Win win situation and I paid RM9 for the ride and I didn’t mind as I enjoyed his conversation as much as I enjoy the ride.

I managed to get a seat at KL Station and as expected the train was packed when we got to KL Sentral. Just like yesterday it remained so until Kajang. Just like yesterday as well I put on Ronan Keating and pretended to be him.

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