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Cuti Cuti Malaysia 3: To The North Again, Melaka-Kulim-Alor Setar-Penang-Ipoh-Tapah Road, Dec 22 – 30, 2005

Dec 25, 2005 (Sunday), Kulim - Alor Star

It was Christmas but as expected we were oblivious of the day due to the mess that we had to clean up. Well, we with me not really involved accept when my service was needed to send certain cooking utensils back to their owners. The errand brought me to the same place where I had sent several things last night. It was another wedding preparation. On the way home I thought I wanted to have breakfast first so I stop at the same place I stopped the night before and when I was about to cross the road I saw there was a Pasar Minggu just further on at Penanti and decided to checked it out as I love to do visit this kind of happening in small towns or localities. I love it because I could expect different things that we used to in normal big towns. I started from one end and toured the whole bits. Not much of interesting things but the normal stuff nevertheless I like the environment. I grabbed few murtabak as quick breakfast and headed for Kulim.

I decided after breakfast to move on to the next destination but did not leave until after lunch as I hate to leave while they were still busy sorting the mess. I thought of keeping our next destination to myself but my mum asked so I announced that we were going to Alor Setar. Well generally that was the plan but if you know me by know you know what I meant. Mentioning Alor Setar didn’t mean that we were going to end up there. So we drove up the highway and found that it was a decent ride with less traffic and no rain. Trying to test the engine after recent major ‘cleaning’ I floored the pedal hard and reached Alor Setar around 1630. We cruised towards downtown and stopped at in front of the Holiday Villa to enquire and found out it was not worth spending that much for a night at a place that we have stayed before. So we drove around to look for a better deal as I remembered about Crystal Lodge or something. After a few turns we decided to stay very close to the Pasar Rabu area and the most logical place would be Grand Continental. I negotiated a good rate and checked in straight away. Once we have all our luggage we walked out towards Pasar Rabu to do our shopping. Apart from buying the souvenirs and stuff like that as usual this end of the year holiday was also the time for my children to buy their school items and they ended up picking what they need along the journey. That evening at Alor Setar they picked up their shoes and school bags. We finished our tour of that area around dusk and walked back towards the hotel. We stop at one of the stalls to have an early ‘dinner’ and while eating decided to drive around and go to another Mall. We definitely were significant contributors to the crowd in Alor Setar that night. Pacific Mall was full of people shopping for school, work or just shopping for no reason.

We ended having a late supper at the stall around the Alor Star Telecommunication Tower and made plan to come back again the next day to have lunch at the top.

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