Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 11, 06

It’s already the 11th day of the New Year and we are still on holiday mood. The reason is obvious, as we had just celebrated Eidul Adha and another long holiday coming up at the end of the month. So January is very short for corporate Malaysia.

As usual today I boarded the 0646 train and reached the office at 0745 with not much interesting things to observe. Nevertheless it was an interesting ride to see many bewildered faces. Faces that were saying ‘why do I have to go to work?’ The New Year has yet to sink in for some of us.

One of the things for the New Year is that I have gotten myself a new toy. Something that I am using to write this piece. Now, I can actually write, rather type, straight away without the need to retyping the whole piece when I am home.

The train was unusually a bit packed on the way home and my guess is that a lot of us are still shopping and holidaying. What in store for me in 2006 – more works and commitments. No, I am not complaining though just merely stating the fact. Obviously, there’ll be things to do and try. In terms of KM it is about finding opportunities to improve.

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