Thursday, February 2, 2012

On The Chaotic Train, Feb 2, 2012

Another chaotic ikan sardin day on the train going home today. Inconsiderate Malaysians abundance dispelling certain hope of culture change. As soon as the train arrived at KL Sentral most on the platform forced themselves in blocking those disembarking. Hot tempered voices were naturally heard form both ends of the coach KTMB should get it done with the testing of the six-car train and deploy them quickly. It is getting worse before it gets any better. Yeah, maybe it seems good for me as I have something to write about but looking around me this it is stupid and stupidity at its best.  If not for my family I’d opted for a late train home.
An indian lady is talking to her boy friend, I think, on the phone next to me and I could hear everything. It is not hindustani movie kind of conversation it is about the train service, commuting to work, promotion and difficulty of securing a loan to buy a car. Well, the bank is trying to ensure affordability. A Malay lady standing in front of me is fanning herself frantically which I benefitted as well. The train is getting hotter now and Serdang came with a reprieve anticipating a lot will disembark. 
Only a slight relieve and Kajang station we wait. 
About half of the commuters disembarked at Kajang and being replaced by noisy school children going back to Bangi.
Well, a day in the life of Ghaz and Bond on the train :)