Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On The Train (Dreaming of a Cycling Adventure), June 11, 2012

Last two weeks we were in Kuantan and on the way back I purposely took the road less traveled by going through Tg Lumpur on route 138, turning left on route 3 to Pekan, cutting inside at Pekan on route 82 that took us along the mighty Pahang River on our right to Segamat down south on route 12. While driving I felt the urge to really travel like we used to in Malaysia again. I was dreaming of driving around Malaysia again but this time from Bangi up north to Padang Besar along the west coat, across the west east highway to Kelantan, down all the way to Desaru Johor, going across to Tg Piai and back up to Bangi. 
We stopped at Segamat for our late lunch of asam pedas. Then taking route 23 to Tangkak. Ever since Nilai 3 sprung up to be what it it today he have not been to Tangkak for awhile. Still I was surprised to find it as busy as before. We inched slowly out of Tangkak, entered E2 going north to only get out at Jasin. From there we drove slowly up to Umbai to meet up with the rest of my children for our night of ikan bakar feast. 
While browsing at Popular Book store at Kuantan Bejaya Mall I chanced upon a book written by Sandra Loh, Pedalling Aroung the Peninsula, of her cycling experience around the Peninsular Malaysia with her friend Mak. I finished reading it over the weekend. In fact I read her blog about it as well. My traveling bugs went overtime on me and I could not stopped from thinking about it. Now apart from driving around Malaysia for the third time I am contemplating of touring Malaysia on my bicycle as well. Instead of touring from one end to the other I am actually thinking and planning to do it state by state. Actually really touring each state inside out after one another. Well, maybe I have to do it over certain duration and not in one go.