Sunday, February 4, 2007

On The Train and Plane, Dec 12, 2005

I took the 6.33am train to the office today and as usual just made it and sat in the last coach. As usual the Indonesian school children started to pour in at UKM and Kajang stations and today I observed something new. Not really new though, is just that something that I only realized today. A group of them sat next to me and as I was reading I saw out of the corner of my left eyes they were playing with their hand phones. I looked up and to my amazement majority of them has one and to put shame to me most of their hand phones are better or as we say here more ‘canggih’ than mine. Amazing, they must have come form a well to do families.

I checked in at KL Sentral and was told my flight was delayed to 1715 hr. I decided to take the train to KLIA anyway and when I arrived immediately camped inside the business lounge. In fact I started this piece there. I twisted my back again over the weekend and it still hurt. I was a bit worried sitting there too long.

Of course as expected the flight was short and a bit bumpy due to the rain. When we arrived T kt aIRPORT it was raining and while driving to the hotel it reminded me of my growing up days in Kuantan when we tolerated two months non stop raining season. Nowadays even something mundane reminds me of old days.

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