Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (Sleeping Beauty), May 4, 2006

The train was a bit empty than the usual when I boarded at Bangi this morning so I sat my self within the central cluster that is strategic for sleepers. That was my intention as I slept late last night. But I did not straight away dozed off but instead continued reading ‘The World Is Flat’. At Bangi a father and his younger daughter came on board and sat right in front facing me. I continued reading and felt comfortable even until we were on the way to Serdang. Just before reaching Serdang I decided to force my self to sleep as I was afraid it would effect my day in the office. So into oblivion I went in a very short time. I was only awaken when we arrived at KL Sentral. I looked up and saw the little girl was staring straight at me while disembarking. Her looks actually was a look of disbelief. As if I had done something very strange. Then I realized I was probably making a lot of noise while asleep, I tend to do that when I am really tired. In fact not only her, a lady across me also was staring at me. I must have created a riot I thought and that would be funny indeed.

The 1902 train came about three minutes late at the station. I was a bit early than the usual as I have a football tournament meeting at home to attend to. The train also was a bit packed than the usual. However the composition of commuters remains the same.

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