Thursday, June 24, 2010

On The Train, June 23, 2010

For some reasons I was really not in the mood to do anything productive today. I tried to do some research on how we should proceed to the next level of our KM journey but I was losing energy very fast and drained my self towards the end of the day. I forced my self to stay back to a bit to see what else I could do and got just a little bit in return. Grudgingly I walked down to the station after I said my Maghrib thinking I would be on time for the 2005 train. As usual KTMB had totally a different comprehension to the concept of punctuality.

I guess I had too much on my mind.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rediscovering The Forest

Over the weekend we decided to jungle trek up to the Tanjung Taun Lighhouse and, apart from the exercise, we rediscovered our love for trail walking.

After the cycle up to the peak the day before we found out that there were at least to walking trail that the visitors used to climb and we got interested to explore. I initially had the audacious idea of riding the trail down but I was advised by one of the workers doing maintenance there it would we difficult. Luckily I was not stubborn as usual. From the beginning I already decided to use the trail that would take us up via the secluded beach and immediately as we entered the gate Sam, little Mar and I turned left into the trail. It was almost 1030. We started to walk along a low gradient path before climbing down to a spot where seems to be a dry watering place for small animals. From there we walked up and incline that was quite steep but still not difficult. Walking under a canopy of the green gave us a certain nice feeling. We continued walking up and down stepping over a log or two crossing our path. I was on the lead for the obvious reason, Mar in the middle and Sam a sweeper of sort for Mar. All of us into our own mode while walking. I was thinking of the next path as well as how I missed all the green and trekking. The think is if you have not been doing it for awhile certain kind of edginess creep in you. Sometimes worrying over nothing. Having Mar and Sam behind me making me more protective I guess. Once in a while I stopped to check on them. Now the gap between the three of us was about 5 metres in between each other. I did not mean to push time but we started a bit late and we were two hours before our check out time. Assessing our progress so far I was confident we would make it back with enough time.

Then, we came down to the best part of the trail. An unspoiled beach. Before we reach there along the path was an old perigi. I did not check what was it there before but judging from he look of the perigi I guess it must be some kind of historical landing and dwelling.

The beach was beautiful to us and with wind blowing cooling us a bit we sat down to rest. Mar straight away jumped onto the beach and it took me great effort to stop her from playing with the water. Since she was only in a sandal I did not want for her to wet them as it would be slippery and difficult for our next climb. On the clearing nearby Jabatan Perhilitan’s contract workers were building new beautiful facilities for visitors to the place. I could not help but worry for the place despite their good intention to make the place a more convenient place for people to take a break of camping some Malaysians that I called idiots would in no time spoil the place with their behaviour. I have seen too many beautiful nature turned into a rubbish dump to justify my worry.

I hate to interrupt Sam and Mar in their reverie and pleasure of sitting under the tree with the cool sea breeze blowing at them but we had to move. Grudgingly we continue our walk and now facing was the the ‘tonggek’ climb. I told Mar, just to appease her, that was going to be the last climb, little that we knew what a climb it was. No, she was not complaining of being tired but she was even louder because she needed to go :)).

Slowly we inched up until we reached the peak to rest a bit before we continued to walk along a level path towards the lighthouse. At our pace we reached the lighthouse slightly more than one hour. We we drenched in sweat.

We used the tarmac road going down and we were back at the gate in 20 mintues. the next time we are going to back track the trail down.

Friday, June 18, 2010

On The Train (Lentang, Raub, Kuala Lipis and Pulau Chekas), June 14, 2010

It was another wedding weekend for me and I took two days off to rejuvenate and recuperate in preparation as well as aftermath of the wedding. We left the house early on Friday morning and I detoured to Hutan Lipur Lentang for a bit of R&R. The cool mountain and waterfall did wonders to my well being. Kak Cik, Mar and I were in the water as soon as we had our ‘breakfast’. The place was well kept and maintained by the authority to make our present there even better. I walked around and concluded that it is one of the potential for our next camping trip. I even found a potential track for offroad cycling.

We reached Gali Tengah around 1500 to rest a bit before I decided to go to KL (Kuala Lipis) for something. Actually my dear wife wanted to buy tights for her cycling. Well, it is always like that for us and small towns Malaysia. We always seems able to find what we need in small towns like Kuala Lipis, Kuala Pilah, Tapah, etc. In the case of Kuala Lipis I found my favourite sandal sold there as well. So at around 1730 we were in Kuala Lipis already. As I stepped out of the Ranger I realised I had a good evening light for a good photography. I took few shots of the old building along the main street of Kuala Lipis. As my wife walked along towards the shop I snapped at will and after getting her things we walked further on and I was presented with a classic. A classic vintage old bicycle that is at one bicycle shop. It was priced at RM300 and I was tempted to just grab it and take it home as souvenir. But then I remembered I already had two bikes at the back of the Ranger and adding another one will indeed posted a problem for us. At least now I know where to get one.

Once when we thought we had explored enough we walked back to our Ranger and when I was inside I realised there were a lot of people coming towards us from the bus stand. I said to my wife maybe there’s a Pasar Malam there and I decided to drive there to check. It was indeed our lucky day as it was indeed a Kuala Lipis Pasar Malam in progress. Without prompting I parked and walked towards the area to further explore. A very nice surprised indeed. In the end we were only back home at my mum’s at around 1930.

Saturday was a full wedding day for my cousin and we were busy doing our things since 1000. It was a hot tiring day and fun day for everyone.

On Sunday I decided to take everyone to cool off at Pulau Chekas waterfall which was not that far away from my kampung. I woke early and headed for the Raub Pasar Minggu to buy something for our picnic. Early as I was the Pasar Minggu was already bustling with buying and selling. I just grabbed whatever I thought we needed and headed back. Knowing we could be late if we dilly daly I gave an ultimatum to everyone that I was leaving at 0830 and anybody not ready by then will be left behind. It was really effective as I got everyone interested stirring up rushing to the bathrooms. With nothing much to pack at 0827 we left for Pulau Chekas and reached it 20 minutes later.

When we arrived we were greeted by the worst possible scenario. The place although almost empty was a rubbish dump taking the glow out of the beautiful rocks and the river. It was really pathetic and I was ashamed being a Pahang boy then. How could have they treated the place like that. Not only we have not many of such places now we are trying our best to spoil what we have. I really am sick the fault behaviour and attitude. It is beyond comprehension to me. As we walked in to find a good spot for us we saw a young kompang group camping in the middle of the compound. They were thumping their kompang in earnest when we walked by. The place is called Pulau Chekas because the river split into two directions before coming together again at downturn creating an island in the middle. The island, at it’s edges is where you can find some of the best picnic area. At one of spots that we decided to camp.

We had breakfast first and then leading the rest I jumped into the cold water. It was cold just a moment until our body blood system regulate the temperature to make it pleasant to swim. I was hoping I could stay the whole day in the water but I know I could not. In the end due to several unrelated events we left the place early satisfied.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On The Train, June 1, 2010

Yeap, I am on the train yet again. What can I do? I like train so much no matter how pissed I was yesterday. The 1920 train home was packed like sardine can. Came on board at the same station was a KTMB guy in uniform. I thought at first he was checking tickets and getting a ride back to the office. About 5 minutes into our journey I saw several men were coming through sheepishly and smiling from the next coach. They were chased out by the KTMB guy from the Pink Coach. So they are serious about the Pink Coach. I just hope they are as serious about improving the basic parts of the service.

If it was me I would not budge from the coach. Well, I am not trying to be stubborn or what but it I were to be there in the first place I must have a valid reason. Secondly, I would give the conductor my piece of mind before anything else. For one I would be telling him that KTMB has their priority wrong. Despite applauding and supporting the move to assign a ladies only coach, in the current situation it is ill-advised on their part. The other thing they forget is that most of their customers are really suffering because of their poor services. Especially for loyal commuters like me that have been using the ‘disservice’ for 6 years and more. At this point whatever KTMB does to make us piss will piss us big time. We are as hot as the hot weather in Malaysia now. They should know better not to increase the temperature further. I know most of them are just doing their job but as I said our body temperature has reached the bearable maximum.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On The Train (Piss off with KTMB Day), May 31, 2010

This morning I arrived at the station at the same time as the train. I thought the train was way too eager to start the week and was very early. When I saw the clock at the station and on my way to the ticket counter I found out that it was actually the 0616 train that was really really late. Luckily the next train, the one I normally take, was only late by three minutes.

As I was about to sit down at the station waiting for the train home in the evening an announcement came on to say a Seremban train was yet again had been taken off the schedule leaving me to wait for the next one that was then still at Kepong station. So whenever the announcer came on air to create an awareness of the pink coach I was annoyed. To hell with the pink coach if you could not get the basic right. Oh yes, I am pissed now. As if to rub it off and getting me even more mad the the train came and the driver brought the train to stop at a wrong place. Should I call him an idiot? Maybe that is not strong enough.

Today two of our international workshop participants arrived without their luggage. I really could not understand how that could happen. Application of taxonomy failure again? Maybe somebody just not careful enough? Whatever it is, it’s a nuisance to the stakeholders.