Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb. 20, 2006

Intentionally I caught the early train this morning and continued to read Google’s Story. Somehow I just could not finish the book fast enough and it is not because it is not interesting but my train ride had became ‘occupied’ ever since I have my new ‘toy’.

I thought I was going home early today but my meeting started late and I actually came down to the station at 8pm. Not many people at the station and my train came at 8.14pm. The train is moving along nicely but I have nothing to write about and the environment around me is not worth writing about…… ….. Aha, after much thought I now know what I am going to write more like another complain for KTMB. Last weeks I was with our expatriate consultants and we were about to finish our meeting when one of them asked us how is the best way to go to MidValley, last week there was unusual traffic congestion happening around KL, and I told them by the Kommuter Train. To help them a bit more I explained to them that they had to take the Seremban train and make sure not to take the express as the express would not stop at MidValley. I advised them to be on the look out for the sign on the train as well as the announcement. And there could be a potential problem as I knew for a fact the train driver sometimes would not be bothered to even try to make the announcement in English. No doubt sometimes it was in broken English I believe it got to be done. If not how else our visitors would know. So, my last advise to the consultants was to ask if not sure.

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