Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train and Plane, Mar 6, 2006

Painfully I sat there staring at nothingness. When you were in agony and so painful I guess not only you could not focus but not even stare properly. I hurt my back again over the weekend and you should look, at least you could imagine it, at my sour and painful face sitting on the train. My face actually contorted every times the train jumped or swerved. What’s worse for me for the day was the fact that I was traveling to JB in the evening. My wife a bit worried about me. I made that conclusion that she was just a bit worried when I received a message from her to be careful and make sure to get a wheel chair and get help from the flight attendant. But, she warned, do not dare to be extra friendly with the lovely flight attendants. I laughed and I am very sure no beautiful lady would want to do anything with a man with a bad back…LOL.

I am on the KLIA Express now and train is a bit comfortable for my back. I hope the pain would ease a bit for the flight as I hate to be nuisance to anybody even to beautiful flight attendants. My flight to JB at 1720 would be also my first time there by plane. Would be the first time to touch down at Senai Airport as well.

The flight was short which was good for my back. Indeed I requested the flight attendant to store and took down my luggage as I was afraid the stretching would worsen my back pain. Senai airport was surprisingly new and modern

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