Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 12, 2006

The train is a sardine can again today. I am going to wait for a few more days before I make any conclusion on this. The possibilities at the moment are, as I said yesterday due to the still holiday mood of Malaysian, the timing of my ride or really they’re a lot of people taking the train to work now. Whatever the reason I am glad all the same, although it was a bit packed I love to see more Malaysian to take the train to work. Deep down I am hoping this to be the reality so that KTMB would buck up and improve their service. Now, apart from BNM, KL Sentral stations Mid Valley is another big station in term of size of commuters. KTMB sure made the right decision fro this station albeit a bit late. If it was I it is no brainer. I realized this before but I did to bother to mention it. The Komuter train actually has a luggage rack but hardly used. They are only available on the older train. While wondering about it I remembered in the late 70’s we actually used it as one of our bed when we went home for holidays. Back then we have the whole coach reserved to ourselves.

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