Saturday, February 3, 2007

On The Train, Nov. 24, 2005

It was really foggy when we drove to the station and as always it brought me back to the usual feeling that I have. When I approached the station the lights dispersed by the water particles in the air created a very nostalgic feeling within me. Just imagine in a foggy morning walking towards a small building with bright lights on each sides trying their very best to lit the area but instead became a nice scene for early foggy morning photography or art. Of course to scary movie lovers it is like watching a scene from a Dracula movie. As I walked along the platform it reminded me of, no not London, Amsterdam or Syracuse, but my ‘kampung’, village, where I was born. We live in a valley and it was like what I just described almost every morning. I used to joke that my kampong is like London or New York but deep down I was not joking really. Whenever I look outside through a window when I am in London, Amsterdam, New York or even Berlin to see this it would always reminded me of my kampong, Kg Gali Tengah, Raub, Pahang. What made the feeling even stronger and so real today was the early sound of ‘burung wak wak’ I could hear clearly as I walked the length of the platform. I distinctly could hear two groups of them within the undergrowth nearby. I really missed the moment to open the front door and walk out to look beyond the paddy field, to breathe the clean fresh early morning air, and to hear and witness the early activities to another day. I almost back to my normal self reading and watching the activities on the train on the way to work.

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