Saturday, February 3, 2007

On The Train. Nov 22, 2005

I felt better today and boarded the usual train to work. I thought I was to continue with my reading but somehow I dozed off. Was it the effect of the medicine or a new habit/hobby that I picked up during Ramadhan? LOL. The train was packed on the way home and I realized there were an almost equal mix of commuters – holiday makers, students and office workers like me. Observing them is like observing complexity theory. Out of the complexity and chaos came ordered especially when people alighting and boarding the ‘sardine’ can. Right in front of me I can see how some of us just do not know how to behave properly. Some just ignored the passengers trying to get out by simply pushing in. Somehow it tempted me to put order by thumping my hand on their heads – creating order the hard way. I guess some of them understand complex adaptive system now when they pushed each other to get in and out, and instead stuck moving no where. In the end one side understood the mechanic of the exercise and allowed people to alight first before they can board. Order restored – for a while. The same thing repeated itself at KL Sentral. If I am not wrong the train is getting popular now and KTMB is still the old KTMB. The 6.10pm train that supposed to arrive at Bank Negara station just dissolved in thin air. That what I thought anyway as there wasn’t any announcement to indicate otherwise

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