Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 27, 2006

This train came on time, which is a rarity after quite sometimes. Yesterday, I felt that my throat was burning and as usual it was my tonsil. I did not think much about it and ignored it as usual. Now I am paying the price. At 1730 while I was doing my work I received a call and when I started to talk hardly anything came out of my mouth. Of course my staff laughed at me thinking that I had sang my voice out in a karaoke lounge over the weekend. I assured them I did not do such a thing. Based on my experience I should be ok tomorrow. Otherwise I am going to loose another good day. I am thinking should I go and see the Dr now or wait it out for tomorrow. The guy seating next to me was out cold probably helping Harry Potter in his fantasy land fighting evil sorcerers. I made this conclusion because he was a bit ‘active’ while dozing off. However, as if Harry Potter said something magic to him when we got to Bandar Tasek Selatan he automatically in one movement opened his eyes looked out the window and got up to alight. I was amazed and to tell you the truth he is one of my idol now …LOL. I need to learn the technique from him. My shore throat now beginning to affect my body. With almost 90% of my voice gone my body is slowly getting weaker. In a short while I am going to have a fever. Now for certain I have to pay my Dr a visit.

There was quite a discussion among my colleagues today on the fate of Adiputra. Well, all along I am not a fan of our educational system. I have stated my views on it a long time ago and it still remain the same. Aditputra is just another statistics to our MOE now. A simple thing could become so tragic for a seven or eight year old. I just could not understand how they cannot resolve such a simple thing. If indeed Adiputra is a child protégé place him wherever appropriate. If primary education is already peanuts to him put him in a secondary school. If he is already ready for university education by all means allows him that even for a seven or eight year old. Do we have to wait for a change in policy to make it happen? There already a couple of bad and sad examples for such kids like Adiputra. For as long as we have this mentality forget about long life learning, learning organization, or even knowledge economy.

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