Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 15, 2006

I thought I was going to be early today but Allah has different plan for me. Thus in the end I decided to pay my bill which mean walking down to Jalan Melaka. I could not effort to delay the payment already I had to it tonight. I called home to say so. After I was done I took the Putra down to KL Sentral at Masjid Jamek. As usual there were a lot of people waiting and we patiently waited for the train. One thing I like about the Putra line, barring any technical problem, it is always on time. The other thing is that the commuters on this line really know how to behave allowing passengers to alight first before boarding. The first train came and everyone waited to board looking at the number of people already on the train I knew I was not able to board so I just waited in case I could. Two Caucasians behind me, I presumed tourists, jokingly announced, ‘Please give way for tourist to board’. I smiled and could not help thinking about my experience taking train overseas. Comparatively trains are part of daily life where as for most of us they are still the last option. We still have a long way from making train a viable business case for daily transport for most people in Malaysia. I just love to see one day one could commute to work daily from Penang or even Kota Baru.

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